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Our mission is to ensure that the UK is the safest place to live, work and play in the digital world.


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The number of attacks on local public services is increasing daily.

But more complex attacks are emerging, state sponsored against small organisations.

£million lost to ransomware by UK councils in 2022

UK public sector cyber attacks daily

Total Cyber Security Delivered Together

On behalf of the public sector, iESE has pulled together technology and skills from organisations representing best practice in the cyber security industry to deliver a range of products and services. A shared service in the best traditions of local public services ensures that we all have the best people, the best technology, and the best protection. Working together we have created the Cyber Centre of Excellence to stop these attacks before they happen, rather than just report the bad news when it is too late.

iese Cyber Centre of Excellence - iese your transformation partner

Military Grade Protection 24/7

Our goal is to create an entirely new level of protection in the UK and help the public sector become resilient against cyber threats. Our team have unparalleled experience, having run the UK’s military cyber offence and defence capability, built the defences of the Bank of England, and hold clearance to work on out national cyber defence infrastructure.

iese Cyber Centre of Excellence - iese your transformation partner

The Latest in Cyber Resilience

We want to make cyber security business as usual in public sector organisations. In a market that is constantly changing, we are at the utmost forefront of cyber-defence offering up-to-date advice, training, and solutions.

iese Cyber Centre of Excellence - iese your transformation partner

Impartial Advice You Can Trust

We offer impartial and trustworthy advice as a not-for-profit organisation that was created by the sector for the sector. iESE’s unique position as a member-owned, not for profit organisation means we are already a trusted, independent advisor to local authorities, helping them to understand what good looks like in an ever-changing and dangerous cyber world.

“Digital Services are an integral part of South Staffordshire’s approach.  Protecting residents from denial of those critical digital services from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks is essential.  AppGuard provides us with a unique response to this threat and the associated managed security service provides us with world class cyber protection support.”

Dave Heywood

Chief Executive

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Managed Services For Your Organisation

£ Discounted prices for public sector organisations.

Awareness, Training and Education

Most people have a limited knowledge of IT let alone cyber security.  The knowledge is evolving, needs to cover the critical content and needs to be easily consumed by the audience.  Courses, face to face and online, have been created for key audiences: for your cabinets and senior management on what they need to know to lead the organisation to professionals from IT to procurement.  The National Cyber Security centre (NCSC) has reviewed and approved the courses as having the appropriate content.

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Assurance, People & Processes, Systems

Good professional practice takes a multi-layer approach to defence.  But are all of your layers adding value or giving you the illusion of safety?  Are there important gaps in your defences that can be easily fixed?  A range of tests from outside and within the organisation test all aspects of your cyber security and check that you are fully prepared for what is to come.  Bespoke designed military grade attacks test your systems, processes and people and quickly identify gaps in your defences.

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Detection, Mobile Devices and Endpoints & Servers

Access to the appropriate layers of protection that add real value.  Continuously updated and procured to remain the best in the field and ahead of the cyber criminals.  The best mix of products to detect, protect and respond.  Solutions used by the military and intelligence services, installed, and maintained by the team that ran UK operational military cyber offence and defence. We also offer solutions for physical security of premises, general facilities and sensitive spaces.

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Centre Cyber of Excellence from iESE Public Sector Transformation

Response & Recovery, Negotiation and Insurance

When it comes to a cyber-attack you will be as prepared as it is possible to be.  But you may still need support, our capability includes unique patented tools that neutralise and enable the removal of ransomware.  Our team includes experienced and trained negotiators - negotiation allows you the time to maximise the speed and quality of your recovery.  Combined the tools, the service and the support give you a meaningful reduction in premiums for cyber insurance.

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Latest cyber attacks on UK public services

Sep22 | Newport City Council

Newport City Council has been targeted by a cyber attack. A spokesperson for the council said: “Newport City Council can confirm there was a cyber incident affecting the authority yesterday. It was immediately contained, and the council is working with the relevant agencies.”

Aug22 | Luton Borough Council

Luton Council victim to a £1.1m cyber-crime. According to a report from the National Investigation Service (NATIS) concluded that the council was involved in a cyber-attack that caused the misdirection of £1.1m of funds intended for a school to end up in the hands of a hacker.

Jul22 | Nottinghamshire CC

Nottinghamshire CC has thwarted two attempts to defraud the council totalling more than £500,000. Cyber criminals attempted to secure a payouts worth a combined £527,040 in two cases that took place in the 2021/22 financial year, a meeting of the council’s governance committee has heard.