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Last year Redscan Cyber Security published a report on breaches of councils’ cyber security highlighting the following statistics:

  • 700 attacks or data breaches were reported to the ICO from UK Councils
  • 10 UK councils suffered significant breach or suffered ransomware attacks
  • 50% of council staff don’t receive any form of cyber security training.
  • Average cost of recovery is £10m, with councils expected to pay 64% out of their own pocket.

Following best practice is no longer a secure defence. The National Cyber Security Guidance is there to limit the damage when a breach occurs. Councils are becoming easy targets, and a new approach of cyber security is needed. Which is why we are offering a shared service of best of breed technology and a world class team with the skills and experience to ensure that the sector always has the best available protection.

Best-of-breed cyber solutions to keep you safe


As the delivery of local public services becomes increasingly cloud-focused and digitalised, it’s becoming more important to have preventative security technology in place to detect cyber threats and data breaches.  IT infrastructure monitoring is a crucial part of cyber risk management, continuous cyber security monitoring can help you to detect cyber-attack in their infancy and respond to them before they cause damage and disruption to your services.


Attacks on mobile devices are another big target for hackers, with employees using them more frequently on a day-to-day basis in their working life.


Endpoint protection is deployed on endpoint devices to prevent file-based malware, to detect and block malicious activity from trusted and untrusted applications, and to provide the investigation and remediation capabilities needed to dynamically respond to security incidents and alerts.


There are lots of ransomware and other malware variants in the cyber-realm. So many, that Traditional Anti-Virus (AV) and Endpoint Detection Response (EDR/XDR) systems only deal with seen-before and well-known variants. However these legacy systems are no longer enough to combat the increasing sophistication and volume of attacks. The changes in the cyber landscape mean the risk of a breach in security has increased significantly and a new approach is required to quickly plug the gap before it is too late.

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