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As the delivery of local public services becomes increasingly cloud-focused and digitalised, it’s becoming more important to have preventative security technology in place to detect cyber threats and data breaches.  IT infrastructure monitoring is a crucial part of cyber risk management, continuous cyber security monitoring can help you to detect cyber-attack in their infancy and respond to them before they cause damage and disruption to your services.



BorderPoint is a dedicated managed Cyber protection software service that monitors your IT infrastructure, and detects vulnerabilities and threats, intrusion attempts, security anomalies, badly configured applications and unauthorised user activities.

The BorderPoint service is delivered by experienced cyber analysts who monitor the SIEM system located at the CSA SOC. Activity is continually monitored and cross referenced against the CSA Threat Intelligence Database where a bespoke security rule set triggers alerts when activity is identified as potentially suspicious.

A key benefit of BorderPoint is that it monitors endpoints inside and outside of the office network, some SIEM services only monitor devices inside the network so when a laptop leaves a site BorderPoint still has it covered whereas other SIEM services do not.

This managed service is an affordable solution to organisations of all sizes.

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