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A Total Protect Package offered to Sole Traders

As a sole trader you use a mobile phone and computer equipment on a daily basis.  Your business is at risk if that equipment is out of action due to a virus or even worse you lose money or face payment of ransom as a result of an attack.  In addition you handle personal information from clients, partners and suppliers.  Any inadvertent leak of personal information can have legal implications for you.

The software we deploy is designed to give you the best possible protection.  It significantly reduces the likelihood of a successful virus and unlike other software for laptops and desktops can even prevent a never been seen before cyber-attack from affecting you.  In fact our chosen laptop protection will even stop malware from affecting you even if it does get on to your laptop.

It is still possible for you to suffer from a cyber attack by doing the wrong thing, for example the way you secure your passwords.  That’s where our training comes in.  Designed to protect you from you!  The training is approved by the National Cyber Security Centre and is designed to cover the key knowledge that you need to keep you and those you work with secure at home or on the move.

What is Sole Trader Protect?

Sole Trader Protect is the package of software, training and support that best protects you, your laptop or desktop and your mobile phone.  It is designed for individuals working solo without any central IT infrastructure.

The commercial rate for this package is £160 + VAT.  As a special offer we are providing an early bird price for the first 100 purchaser of councillor protect of £94 plus VAT, a 40% discount for CCoE customers.

What’s included in Sole Trader Protect?

We have pulled together the following service offerings in this special package:

AppGuard SOLO for your Desktop

Protection Software for your Equipment

Whilst this is a highly sophisticated piece of software designed to protect intelligence service operatives it is very elegantly written combining far greater protection with reduced processing requirements. This package includes 1 licence for AppGuard Solo.

Cyber Secure at Home E-Learning Course

Learn | Education

This course aims to raise your awareness of basic cyber security measures you should do, to protect yourself and family at home and ensure that your environment is secure

Phishing & Social Engineering E-Learning Course

Learn | Education

This course aims to raise your awareness of what a Phishing email is, how they can threaten the security of the information that you or your company hold, and how you can protect against falling victim to these threats.

Ransomware & Malware E-Learning Course

Learn | Education

This course aims to raise your awareness of malware and ransomware, and provide steps you can take to ensure you can prevent or mitigate the risk against these attacks on your devices, data or networks.

LookOut for Your Phone

Protection Software for your Equipment

We recommend installing the free version of Lookout for your mobile devices – we will provide you with the relevant links to download the software alongside videos on how to correctly install and easily manage the software yourself.

Mobile Device Security E-Learning Course

Learn | Education

This course aims to provide you with the steps to take to ensure you can better protect against the latest threats to your mobile devices and personal information.

Passwords & Access Management E-Learning Course

Learn | Education

This course aims to provide you with the knowledge of how to use your passwords securely in order to protect your personal and business information stored on your devices and accessed through your accounts.

Conversation with a vCISO

Healthcheck to ensure you have all that you need

This will be a 15-minute health-check overseen by our virtual Chief Information Security Offer (vCISO). Our vCISO is a qualified member of the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals.

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