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10 councils have reported cyber security breaches in the last 2 years. Worryingly, the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks is growing rapidly, but the defences and ‘best practice’ offered by NCSC remain static and all about recovering rather than preventing.

Good professional practice takes a multi-layer approach to defence. But are all of your layers adding value or giving you the illusion of safety? Are there important gaps in your defences that can be easily fixed?

We offer a range of tests from outside and within the organisation test all aspects of your cyber security and check that you are fully prepared for what is to come.  Bespoke designed military grade attacks test your systems, processes and people and quickly identify gaps in your defences.


Are your cyber defences FIT FOR PURPOSE?


Are you wondering if your existing cyber defences are good enough? Or are you simply curious about what other public bodies are using to protect themselves and their local communities? We are here to help give guidance about what you currently have in place to protect against the rise in cyber attacks. In a market that is constantly changing, we are at the utmost forefront of cyber-defence offering up-to-date training and solutions. And as a not-for-profit organisation that was created by the sector for the sector, we offer impartial and trustworthy advice.


We have found that it’s often not what cyber defence technology or processes you have within your organisation, but how well it is implemented and used by staff. There are many ways that hackers can deliver dangerous malware to your computer and compromise your computer security. The hackers only need to get it right once. We can offer a helping hand and measure how effective your existing cyber defence processes are and test your staff with real-life cyber-scenarios.



Ransomware and Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) attacks are on the rise. The best way for an organisation to prove their defences can protect them if ransomware was deployed onto their IT systems and infrastructure is to put it to the test. Our Ransomware Attack Simulation Service is designed to do just that. Undertaken by our team of expert cyber professionals, the service tests your IT defences and incident response capabilities by issuing a real-time ‘benign’ ransomware attack.

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