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Ransomware and Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) attacks are on the rise. The best way for an organisation to prove their defences can protect them if ransomware was deployed onto their IT systems and infrastructure is to put it to the test. In conjunction with our specialist cyber security partners, we are now able to offer public sector organisations a Ransomware Attack Simulation Service, designed to test how effective your current systems are against the latest malware.

We also offer a Gap Analysis to spot which areas you can improve and better-protect yourselves.


Gap Analysis


Ransomware Attack Simulation Service

Undertaken by our team of expert cyber professionals, the service tests your IT defences and incident response capabilities by issuing a real-time ‘benign’ ransomware attack. Deployed safely and under the visibility of your own team, our simulated ransomware software will mimic an attack on your IT services and demonstrate what would happen to your IT systems if a real-life incident took place. Following the ‘benign’ attack, we will be able to assess where any vulnerabilities lie, should there be any, and make recommendations on corrective actions and solutions to help strengthen your IT defences for the future.

By undergoing this service, organisations with limited cyber knowledge or resource can tap into a world class team of cyber security experts, based near Cheltenham, as an extension of your team. The consultants have a deep pedigree in cyber security having worked in offensive and defensive capacity for the UK Government and are UK security cleared.

We are offering this service at a specially negotiated rate for public sector organisations.

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