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One of the Cyber Centre of Excellence (CCoE) aims is to find and bring cutting-edge cyber security solutions to the wider market, making military-grade protection available to all organisations through collective purchasing power.

The cyber security market is crowded, with many vendors making similar claims. To help officers and members secure the best protection, the CCoE Advisory Board continually reviews and assesses new cyber security providers and tools on the market with the aim of raising awareness of these best-in-class solutions and offering access to them through preferential rates. Since the CCoE launch, a few providers have been identified as offering gamechanging solutions for cyber security: Blackwired, MessageMatrix and FractalScan Surface.


Blackwired is a next-generation threat intelligence company whose flagship offering Zero Day Live (ZDL) takes a fundamentally different approach to traditional detect and respond solutions. While antivirus protection can stop known threats, zero-day attacks are new and unknown and therefore can breach security protection unseen, often resulting in devastating destruction, high recovery costs and extended business interruption.

ZDL makes what is intentionally hidden in the dark web, open, indexed, and searchable through a combination of machine learning and input from specialised analysts. The intelligence provided by Blackwired to its customers, including governments, law enforcement agencies, global corporations, and providers of critical infrastructure, takes clients out of the zero-day cyber-attack victim pool. It does not consume, repackage, or replay secondary intelligence, instead it is a primary source of precision anticipatory intelligence on cyber weapons (Zero Days and Malware), and adversaries.

The orchestration of prevention instructions to security infrastructures is made by unsupervised machine learning AI on the day of detection. This automated operationalisation of precision intelligence means the enterprise is always protected against the latest cyberattack threats found, days, weeks, and even months ahead of the Information Security Industry, Security Operations Centres, and the release of patches and upgrades. Enterprise leadership (the CRO, CISO, CEO) can report that they have taken positive action to mitigate their cyber threat risk and produce evidence to positively confirm it.

Customers have been afforded prevention from attacks by Anonymous Sudan, Cl0P, Lockbit, Blackcat, and supply attacks such as the MOVEit MFT Service platform. The intelligence is anticipatory and refreshes in near real-time as the cyber battle develops, it never sleeps and can fully automate prevention against severe threat risks, including ransomware and extortion.

The principal co-founders of Blackwired have decades of experience in the fields of clandestine cyber intelligence operations, leading-edge sector and government security consulting, with the company rapidly establishing itself as the lead player in Predictive and Preventative Threat intelligence. Blackwired solutions are non-intrusive, require no access or upload of customer data at all, and are delivered in seamless process of feed delivery of Zero Day Live intelligence via secure APIs. Blackwired monitors and manages the intelligence feed flows to optimise the efficacy of threat risk prevention, and meet the enterprise capability to consume the feeds in terms of operational capacity and cadence.

The company is pleased to have joined up with the CCoE to help extend the level of protection for UK public bodies and other CCoE organisations. “In the cyber war, attackers are assaulting our organisations, government bodies, healthcare systems with cyber weapons that are learning machines and industrial platforms. At any time, the cyberattack threat risk profile can dynamically change, yet our cyber defences do not dynamically change to counter the attacks and prevent that risk, leaving us as an exposed potential victim. At Blackwired we believe that all cyber defences must be intelligence-led and directly orchestrated machine-to-machine, only in this way we can draw level with the adversarial considerable advantages,” said Iain Johnston, managing director at Blackwired.

UK public bodies have fallen victim to cyberattacks in recent times, despite increased spending on cyber security assets and personnel. Operations in Environmental Protection, the National Health Service, and Local Government have been damaged, and in some cases devastated. “In many of these cases Blackwired’s ZDL orchestration would have prevented these attacks, days or weeks, ahead of these events, saving a vast amount of cost, damage to mission, and reputation,” added Johnston, “We are excited to partner with the CCoE to help protect the public sector and other organisations that would not normally have ready access to cutting-edge technologies such as ZDL.”

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