iESE Offers Reduced Rate Cyber-Attack Simulation

Published on 11/08/22

iESE has teamed up with cyber security experts at Assurity Systems to offer a Ransomware Attack Simulation Service designed to test how effective your current systems are against the latest malware.

Cyber security attacks can be devasting with the rebuild costs running into millions and huge disruption to public services. To help local authorities identify their weak spots, iESE is offering access to a staged simulated attack which will test the readiness of defences.

Undertaken by a team of expert cyber professionals, the service tests your IT defences and incident response capabilities by issuing a real-time ‘benign’ ransomware attack. Deployed safely and under the visibility of your own team, the simulated ransomware software will mimic an attack on your IT services and demonstrate what would happen to your IT systems if a real-life incident took place.

iESE has negotiated a special rate for councils of £3995 + VAT. There are a limited number of places available at this price and one unitary authority in the UK has already secured a space.

“If you have ever wondered how your systems would cope against a sophisticated cyber security attack you can now find out and take steps to increase your defences if necessary. We have teamed up with consultants who have a deep pedigree in cyber security having worked in offensive and defensive capacity for the UK Government and who are UK security cleared,” explained Dr Andrew Larner, Chief Executive at iESE.

Colin Jupe, Director of Strategy at Assurity Systems, the European distributor of zero-trust endpoint protection software AppGuard and the organisation offering the service, explained that the test would be unable to cause real harm: “Our cyber experts will work with you to identify a small number of representative machines on which they will run a benign malware attack to test the readiness of defences. The service includes a pre-deployment consultation, the ransomware attack simulation test and a report detailing your results. Following the benign attack, they will be able to assess where any vulnerabilities lie, should there be any, and make recommendations on corrective actions and solutions to help strengthen your IT defences for the future,” Jupe explained.

To book a Ransomware Attack Simulation Service contact:

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